SilencerCo Offers FREE Suppressed Firearms Shoot During the Sturgis Rally
Register now to shoot multiple silencer-equipped firearms including the integrally suppressed Maxim 9 handgun!

Feel all of the power and none of the pain by blowing sh*t up with some of the rarest guns in the industry! SilencerCo is coming to the Buffalo Chip with an arsenal of badass suppressed firearms, and you’re invited to test them all out at no cost to you!

Sign up here to shoot SilencerCo equipped firearms for free during the Sturgis Rally! Shoot a gun that no one has been allowed to shoot up until now! The Maxim 9 is the world’s first handgun of its kind; a 9mm handgun that has a silencer built in. And you can shoot it for FREE. Only at the Buffalo Chip. And only if you register now before the limited slots fill up.


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