About Sturgis

Early Sturgis entrepreneurs, many of them proprietors of saloons and brothels, were said to “scoop up” the money of the cavalrymen and miners. Other stories are that the early town was so lucrative and so much disposable income was available to those entrepreneurs they literally had to “scoop up” all the profit. Then as now, it sure is a great and gun-friendly place to run a business!

Sturgis Guns
Samuel D. Sturgis

Firearms have played a huge role in the history and taming of the Sturgis area. The early French fur trappers in the area used them for survival. The rough and tumble crowd that made their way through for the gold rush relied on them for protection. The cavalry and other military officers stationed just outside Sturgis at Ft. Meade used firearms to tame the area. Sturgis even owes its name to a former military officer who served at Ft. Meade, Samuel D. Sturgis.

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Main Street

Sturgis eventually became a household name because of the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.  The first rally was held by Indian Motorcycle riders on August 14, 1938, who wanted to race Harley-Davidson riders, at the Jackpine Gypsies Motorcycle Club.  The success of the rally is largely due to the hard work and dedication Tom Monahan, creator of the “Official Logo” and founder of  Tom’s T’s.   Great venues like Sturgis Photos and Gifts, Sturgis Buffalo Chip, Full Throttle Saloon, The Knuckle Saloon, Loud American Roadhouse, Iron Horse Saloon and Indian Motorcycles of Sturgis, have made it easy for hundreds of thousands of rally goers to call Sturgis their home away from home for 10 days a year.

South Dakota Hunting

Today Sturgis is a quiet town (except when it’s a very noisy) little town of 7,000 residents. Located on Interstate 90 at exits 30 and 32.   The town is also well placed at the foot of the Black Hills.  It is centrally located between Rapid City, Custer State Park, Deadwood, Spearfish and Gillette, WY. With immediate access to the endless prairie, lakes, state parks and more; hunting, fishing, camping, biking, off-roading, and hiking are abundant.  Whatever type of game or recreation you are after, you can find in the Black Hills.

Sturgis Guns is located on one of the highest traffic streets in Sturgis. Because of the nature of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, many businesses in Sturgis are only open seasonally.  Sturgis Guns is proud to be a year-round business, giving the great residents of Sturgis great prices and customer service all year.