FFL Transfers & Firearm Shipping


Want to buy a firearm from your next-door neighbor, family member or random stranger? Protect yourself and legally have the firearm transferred through Sturgis Guns. We make it simple. We do the paperwork for you.

1.   Both parties stop in to Sturgis Guns located at 1861 Lazelle Street, Sturgis, SD 57785.
2.   Bring in proper identification, South Dakota State or Federal government issued ID.
3.   Pay $40 transfer fee. Payable with Cash, Acceptable Check, Debit or Credit Card. 3% fee applies for paying with Debit / Credit Card.
4. Complete the ATF NIC’s 4473 form. The receiving party must be able to pass the ATF NICs check. If the receiving party cannot pass the ATF NIC’s check, the transfer will not take place. The receiving party will still be responsible for the $40 transfer fee.  See other transferring items below.

Find the perfect firearm online? Ordering a firearm from another dealer? No problem. We love transfers. You can easily have your gun shipped to Sturgis Guns for pick up.

1.  Transfer Fee is $40 per firearm, per day. $20 for each additional firearm transferred on the same day. Transfer fee covers our handling and receiving of firearm(s) and the FBI NICs 4473 background check for the transfer. Sales tax will be added to the transaction.
2.  We can refuse the transfer of a firearm(s) for any reason, especially if we believe the firearm(s) will be used in an illegal act or for self-harm.
3.  When transferring a firearm(s) through us, you must be legally able to own a firearm(s). Visit the www.atf.gov website for restrictions.
4.  The only person who can receive a firearm(s) ship or delivered to us, is the is the person on the transfer paperwork.
   a.  If you purchase a firearm(s) from another retailer or person, the person who pays for and ships to, is the person who can initiate the transfer of the firearm(s). You cannot purchase a firearm(s) from an internet store and ship it to another person. This is considered a “Straw Sale” and is illegal. Visit www.atf.gov website for more information.
   b.  If you inherent or gifted firearm(s), you will need to include proper documentation from the estate showing rightful ownership. Visit www.atf.gov website for restrictions.
   c.  If the transfer is between two individuals, both individuals must be present and have documentation of ownership and ID.
5.  You must successfully complete a 4473 form and FBI NICs check. Visit www.fbi.gov/services/cjis/nic for more information. Firearm(s) will not be released without a “Proceed” from FBI NICs. We do not transfer firearm(s) on “Open” “Delay” or “Denied” status.
6. If you receive a “Denied” or “Open” status from the FBI NICs, the firearm(s) will not be transferred. The firearms cannot be transferred to another person of your choice, this is considered a “straw sale.”
7.  We will hold the firearms for ten (10) days pending an NIC’s appeal. Should a NIC’s appeal not be granted after the ten (10) days, the firearm(s) will immediately be forfeited to us. You will receive no compensation.  If the transferring party will allow the firearm(s) to be returned, you will be responsible for a transfer out fee of $20 and all return shipping and handling fees.  Please inquire with the firearm retailer before you purchase to ensure they accept returns.  Many internet retailers do not accept returns. We may, at our discretion, elect to consign the firearm(s) for resale.  The consignment fee is fifty (50) percent on all non-returnable firearm(s).
8.  You have thirty (30) days from the date we receive the firearm to receive a “Proceed” on your 4473 FBI NICs background check. Failure to comply will result in the forfeiture of the firearm to us. You must have written approval from us to extend the thirty (30) day period.
9.  Our FFL is on file at most of the large online retailers. Please call us at 605-561-4867 or email justin@sturgisguns.com and we will forward our FFL to your preferred retailer.
10. Do not transfer firearm(s) to us unless you are 100% positive you can successfully receive a “Proceed” on your 4473 FBI NICs check.

Sturgis Guns is not liable or responsible for the condition of any firearm shipped to Sturgis Guns.